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Should I buy a suit from a ready-to-wear brand or from a custom-made suit?

Should I buy a suit from a ready-to-wear brand or from a custom-made suit?

What is ready-to-wear?
Ready-to-wear, as the name suggests, is the purchase of ready-made clothes, the cut and style of which are determined by the designer. The development of ready-to-wear began in the 1850s, when manufacturers divided men's clothing into sizes and mass-produced it. Most of the suits in the world are now ready-to-wear.

What are the advantages of ready-to-wear?
Each ready-to-wear suit is prefabricated according to a common size and design specification. As long as you are satisfied with the size and style, you can buy a ready-made suit and take it home. No waiting, weeks of multiple fittings, or imagining what your suit will look like.
Relative purchasing power:
The nature of mass production means that ready-to-wear is often the most affordable, and the boom in menswear means there are more options when it comes to buying ready-to-wear.

What are the disadvantages of ready-to-wear?
Pre-made sizes:
Despite the quality, details and fit to be admired, most men will always encounter the problem of poor fit when choosing ready-to-wear. Some of the most basic data of a suit include bust, shoulder width, sleeve length, waist circumference, and trouser length. Few people’s measurements completely match a suit. Some parts may be of the right size, but there will always be long here, short short here, and fat there there. thin. For this reason, we always make some changes to the garments after the fact, even if only slightly.

What is a bespoke suit?
To customize a suit is to have in-depth communication with you through the body master, collect accurate and detailed body data through the professional body measurement of the body master, and communicate with you about the version, style, and customization details (such as the choice of fabric) , the choice of buttons, even the choice of lining, etc.). After about 2-3 weeks of sewing and ironing, you will get a suit that completely matches your own size.

Advantages of custom suits:

The great thing about bespoke is the fit, and a high-quality, fully-tailored suit is like your second skin. It fits snugly around your shoulders, has a flat back and fits smoothly from shoulder to waist. But also very comfortable to wear.

Wear life:
Custom handcrafted suits last longer than mass produced suits. Moreover, handmade suits are easier to adjust and modify in the future, leaving enough margin to provide customers with later adjustment and modification preparations. There was once a customer who succeeded in losing weight, and all the suits customized within 3 years needed to be modified. Our body master carefully adjusted each suit according to the change of the customer's body shape. When the customer came to pick up the suit, he put on the modified suit and was very satisfied. This is an experience that ready-to-wear cannot have.

Continuity of service:
When your custom suit is finished, it is not really the end of the custom service, but just the beginning. Tiavllya.com customization will provide more continuous services, such as free suit finishing service, free collection of accessories and accessories service, professional post-pressing service and so on. On the basis of continuous services, Tiavllya.com launches a lifelong clothing consultant service, which continuously provides customized services for each customer. When you come to make an appointment for customization, we will arrange for you to be familiar with the volume consultant. This is to save your communication time and provide you with efficient and accurate services.

The sustainability of Tiavllya.com customized services will provide you with more humanized service experience in the future. I believe that through the above detailed comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of ready-made clothing and customization. You should have a general direction to choose. In fact, customization is a way of life rather than a luxury consumption. I believe that in the near future, more and more people will choose to customize suits. If you also want to be a fashion person in the lens, what are you waiting for, come and buy it now. Tiavllya.com provides you with professional tailor-made services!

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