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Learn more about suits and outfits

Learn more about suits and outfits

What do I need to know first?
Demand positioning:
Student: Most of the budget is not high, just decent.
Professionals: There are more formal requirements for suits, and there are also certain budgets and customization requirements.
Suit lovers: If you want to know more about suits, you can consider ready-to-wear or customized styles.

The system of suits is mainly divided into four categories; suits, coats, suit jackets, and sports coats.

  1. Suit suit: it is what we often call a formal suit;
  2. Blazer: refers to a casual separate jacket;
  3. Jacket: refers to a separate suit jacket that is matched with a suit;
  4. Sports coat: refers to a loose coat that is mainly used for sports, usually a coat with thick fabric.

    Ready-to-wear: It is a ready-made suit that we usually see, usually suitable for people with a well-proportioned figure. Ready-made clothing is the shortest and most convenient channel, but it is not very friendly to people with special figures. For example, shorter and fatter people are more suitable for customization.
    Customization: The suits of the customized series are the clothes that best fit your figure, because they are cut and made according to the size of the clothes provided by the customer. But there are some stores where custom made suits are more expensive.
    Customization is not just about size customization, you can also customize the style and fabric of the suit. Be aware that custom suits tend to take a long time. Please budget your time.

    There are three styles of suits in the school: British style, consciousness, and American style. The gap between them is probably the difference in fabrics, styles and details.

    The purchase channels of suits are divided into online channels and offline channels. Online channels are collectively referred to as online shopping. With the rapid development of technology, many people are looking for speed. Will choose online shopping, convenient and fast. The downside is that online shopping runs the risk of being the wrong size. Therefore; before placing an order, please be sure to choose the appropriate size according to the size chart provided by the merchant.
    Offline channels require shopping in the form of shopping, which takes a long time. The advantage is that customers can choose the ones that suit them, try them on, and measure them.

    The above is the basic knowledge about suits. If you have any friends to add, please leave me a message~

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