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When attending a party, how to choose and match a suit?

When attending a party, how to choose and match a suit?

Today I will introduce to you how to match men's suits and shirts when attending a party? The ideal body shape of a handsome man is broad shoulders and thin waist, and a suit creates this figure by building broad shoulders. Of course, there is no need to make yourself look like Warner Ace in the 1980s, you just need to make your shoulders appear wider, and you don't need too many shoulder pads.

To make your waist look smaller, ask your tailor to make the suit a little tighter. If you're going to a casual gathering, you don't need a tie, but it's okay to add a little attention-grabbing detail. For example, you can wear it with a T-shirt, or pair your suit pockets with a pocket square. You can do both if you like.

If you dress too formally, like wearing a suit with a solid colored shirt, it will look good, but it will come off as uninspired. Dress yourself up a little cooler, and one more thing to note is that the color of the belt and shoes need to match well. (This one is so obvious, it's a pity that many men miss it.)

Tips: Before attending the party, please properly understand the relevant theme of the party. When purchasing a suit, you can also match it with the theme. Including the color of socks and pants to match well, but the color of socks and shoes does not need too much attention. However, when wearing jeans, you need to pay attention to the color matching of socks and shoes.

Regarding party suits, they don’t have to be particularly formal, and you can avoid solid-color black suits. After all, at a party, everyone mainly wants to have fun, which belongs to a social type. You can choose suits in bright colors, or those with flashes, beautiful patterns, etc. These are the best choices for party occasions.

It is even more perfect if you are willing to accessorize your suit with some accessories. For example, you can hang some beautiful chains on the collar of the suit, or decorate with dried flowers. Add some character to the suit; of course, you can also match it with some party-themed hats to add some mystery to yourself.

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